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0/ What Webhouse is

Webhouse is YOUR place on the Internet. It is not under any platform. It runs on YOUR domain and YOU totally control its content.
Webhouse is a simple form for your matter.

1/ Get a domain

register a domain - Hledat Googlem

2/ Get a hosting (linux server space)

web hosting - Hledat Googlem

3/ Download a FTP "notepad", for example PSPad. With this, when you save a text file, it gets published on the web.

PSPad download - freeware text editor

( Though PSpad has inbuild FTP, my prefered one is Notepad++ with NppFTP extension - )

4/ Connect your notepad to FTP with credentials got from your webhost

5/ Download webhouse and extract it (a hidden .htaccess file + index.txt + webhouse directory) to your hosting

6/ Open index.txt and write what you want to tell the world! Links will get converted to rich previews. Hit Ctrl+S and see the published outcome in your browser.

7/ Create directories and index.txt inside them and share them - anyone with the link ( can view

What's next?

Webhouse will be connected with emails inviting your friends inside. So if you let e.g. your friends mail links to, you and your friends will find them at So we will slightly move from the first step - decentralised user profiles - to the next one - a decentralised social network.